BSc Data Sciences

This programme is available in Edinburgh & Dubai in 2021/22

Programme Director: Mateusz Majka (Edinburgh), Hadj Batatia (Dubai), Abdullah Almasri (Malaysia)

Programme Code: F902-MDS

For further information about course choices consult:

Year 1

Year Co-ordinator(s):
Dr Robert Stewart (Edinburgh)
Dr Adrian Turcanu (Dubai)

Adrian Turcanu
Dr Rob Stewart

Semester 1Semester 2
F27SP Software Development for Data Scientists 1F27SQ Software Development for Data Scientists 2
F27PX Praxis F17SC Discrete Mathematics
F17CA Calculus AF17CB Calculus B
(Optional- choose 1)F77SB Introduction to Statistical Science B
F17LP Logic & Proof
F77SA Introduction to Statistical Science A

Year 2

Year Co-ordinator(s):
Dr Phil Bartie (Edinburgh)
Dr Ryad Soobany (Dubai)

Dr Phil Bartie

Semester 1Semester 2
F18CD Calculus & Real Analysis AF28DA Data Structures & Algorithms
F18CF Linear AlgebraF28DM Database Management
F78PA Probability & Statistics AF78PB Probability & Statistics B
(Optional- Choose 1)(Optional- Choose 1)
F28SG Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms (Edin & Dubai)F18NA Numerical Analysis A (Edin & Dubai)
F28PC Software Development for Data Science A (Malaysia)F28PD Software Development for Data Science B (Malaysia)

Year 3

Year Co-ordinator(s):

Dr Sasa Radomirovic (Edinburgh)

To be confirmed (Dubai)

Sasa Radomirovic

SemesterSemester 2
F29AI Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent AgentsF29PD Professional Development
F29SO Software EngineeringF79BI Bayesian Inference & Computational Methods
F20ML Statistical Machine Learning(Optional-Choose 2)
F79AS Advanced Statistical MethodsF20DV Data Visualisation & Analytics (Edin & Dubai)
F79MB Statistical Models B
F19MO Ordinary Differential Equations (Edin & Malaysia)
F19NB Numerical Analysis B (Edin)
F19NM Scientific Computing (Malaysia)
F28PL Programming Languages (Malaysia)

Year 4

Year Co-ordinator(s):
Professor Albert Burger (Edinburgh)
Dr Hani Ragab Hassen (Dubai)

Hani Ragab Hassen
Albert Burger
Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F20EP Data Engineering PipelinesF20BD Big Data Management
F90XA Dissertation AF90AM Advanced Machine Learning
F90XB Dissertation B
(Optional – Choose 1) Optional (Choose 2)
F10NC Numerical Analysis C (Edin)F21AA Applied Text Analytics
F10MM Optimisation (Edin & Dubai)F20DV Data Visualisation & Analytics
F20CN Computer Network Security (Malaysia)F70TS Time Series
F20NL Natural Language Processing (Edin)F10ND Numerical Analysis D
F20SC Industrial Programming (Edin & Dubai)F11DA Data Assimilation
F29DC Data Communications and Networking (Malaysia)F29OC Operating Systems & Concurrency
F70SC Statistical Computing (Dubai & Malaysia)F79DF Derivative Markets and Discrete Time Finance
F79SP Stochastic Processes