F12MS3 Oscillations and Waves

  • Syllabus and lecture notes
  • Syllabus for 2007/2008 Lecture notes

  • Problem sheets
  • Topic Tutorial date Solutions
    Simple harmonic motion 15 April Solutions 1
    Complex numbers and differential equaitons 22 April Solutions 2
    Damped and driven oscillations 29 April Solutions 3
    Resonance 6 May Solutions 4
    Coupled oscillators (Java applet illustrating coupled oscillators) 13 May Solutions 5
    Waves and Fourier series 27 May Solutions 6

  • Continuous assessment (15 percent )

    There will be weekly sheets with problems which you should try to solve in your own time before they are discussed during the tutorial sessions. The continuous assessment consists of one midterm test which will comprise questions similar to those on the weekly tutorial sheets. The continuous assessment counts for 15 percent of the overall assessment. The final written examination counts for 85 percent of the overall assessment.