BSc Computer Science (Software Engineering)

This programme is available in Edinburgh, Dubai

Programme Director: Dr Stefano Padilla (Edinburgh), Talal Shaikh (Dubai)

Programme Code: F2J1-CSE

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Accreditation: BSc (Hons) Computer Science is accredited by British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute for IT.

Year 1

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Robert Stewart (Edinburgh)

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Adrian Turcanu (Dubai)

Semester 1Semester 2
F27SA Software Development 1F27SB Software Development 2
F27ID Introduction to Interaction Design F17SC Discrete Mathematics
F27PX Praxis F27CS Introduction to Computer Systems
F17LP Logic and ProofF27WD Web Design and Databases

Year 2

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Phil Bartie (Edinburgh)

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Ryad Soobany (Dubai)

Year 2 Structure 2019-20 (Transition Year)

Semester 1Semester 2
F28ED User-Centred Experimental DesignF28SD Software Design
F28WP Web ProgrammingF28DM Database Management
F28DA Data Structures & AlgorithmsF28HS Hardware-Software Interface
F28PL Programming LanguagesF17SC Discrete Mathematics

Year 2 Structure from 2020-21

Semester 1Semester 2
F28ED User-Centred Experimental DesignF28SD Software Design
F28WP Web ProgrammingF28DM Database Management
F28SG Software Development 3F28HS Hardware-Software Interface
F28PL Programming LanguagesF28DA Data Structures & Algorithms

Year 3

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Frank Broz (Edinburgh)

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Abrar Ullah (Dubai)

SemesterSemester 2
F29SO Software EngineeringF29PD Professional Development
F29DC Data Communications & NetworkingF29OC Operating Systems & Concurrency
F29AI Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent AgentsF29LP Language Processors
F29FA Foundations 1F29FB Foundations 2

Year 4

Year Co-ordinator:Prof. Fairouz Kamareddine (Edinburgh)

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Hani Ragab Hassen (Dubai)

To graduate with the degree BSc Computer Science (Software Engineering) candidates must take the two mandatory courses in Stage 4, Rigorous Methods for Software Engineering (F20RS) and Advanced Interaction Design (F20AD) and do an approved dissertation topic suitable for this specialism.

Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F20PA Project: Research Methods & Requirements EngineeringF20PB Project: Design & Implementation
F20RS Rigorous Methods for Software EngineeringF20PC Project: Testing & Implementation
F20AD Advanced Interaction Design
(Optional – Choose 3) Optional (Choose 2)
F20CL Computing in the Classroom (Edinburgh only)F20AN Advanced Network Security
F20BC Biologically Inspired ComputationF20BD Big Data Management
F20CN Computer Network SecurityF20CA Conversational Agents & Spoken Language Processing (Edinburgh only)
F20DL Data Mining & Machine Learning F20DP Distributed & Parallel Technologies (Edinburgh only)
F20GA 3D Graphics and Animation F20DV Data Visualisation & Analytics
F20IF Information System Methodologies F20EC E-Commerce Technology
F20RO Intelligent Robotics F20GP Computer Games Programming
F20SA Statistical Modelling and Analysis
F20SC Industrial Programming